About our Convention Florist in Atlanta, GA

For an eye-catching set up at your trade show, turn to the team at TLC National Convention Plant Services. For more than 30 years, our exhibit and convention florist in Atlanta, GA, has worked with clients throughout the region for events of all sizes. We offer a multitude of floral arrangements for your events.

Livening Up your Exhibits

Add natural color and beauty to your convention or event exhibit with the help of our event floral team. Our team works with you to make your display stand out from the rest by adding wonderful floral arrangements to emphasize and decorate your booth. This helps to attract new customers and clients to your location while making your exhibit significantly more memorable than your competition.

Additionally, we will design your custom floral trade show exhibit to highlight your products and services. We will choose flowers and colors that best fit with your brand image and can even add special features like fountains and stonework to further accentuate your design.

Professional Services

When we are working on your exhibit, our team will always act with complete professionalism. Our designers work with you during the design phase to ensure that you agree with our color choices and layouts, and we will always give you the final say on your design.

Additionally, with our professional floral services, we will set up your exhibit at the convention, ensuring that the layout matches the design as closely as possible. This way, you know that your arrangements will look perfect and that your booth will easily stand out from the competition.

Contact us when you need floral services for your convention exhibits. We proudly serve Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.