Film Ready Plants from Atlanta, GA, Rent Nationwide

We carry a large variety of film ready plants from Atlanta, GA, including rare plants & floral arrangements for banquets and events that are available year-round! We are skilled at interior/exterior plantscapes, fountains, waterfalls, and so much more! We have been featured in many TV shows and movies. We also have experience offering private services to celebrities.

Liven Up Your Set

By choosing from our film-friendly floral designs in Atlanta, GA, you can easily add color and life to your set. Our vibrant plants and flowers arrive ready for filming and can be used to add contrasting colors or unique background environments for your shots. We have experience providing arrangements to both television and movie productions and can send our floral arrangements anywhere in the country. Contact us today to discuss the arrangements you need for your next film and let our skilled florists deliver the film ready plants you require.

Private Services Available

In addition to working with film crews and studios, we also offer custom arrangements for private events and functions. With our private floral services, you can brighten up your next party or social gathering with beautiful custom bouquets and unique plants. We typically provide these services to celebrities and VIPs who need high-end floral arrangements to make their events truly stand out.

Additionally, with our customization services, we can craft truly unique arrangements and specialty plantscapes to liven up any space with vibrant colors. To learn more about our private services or to discuss the floral arrangement you require, reach out to our office.